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The Story of Creating South Space - Free Coworking for Creatives

What is South Space?

South Space is our new coworking venture. It is a free coworking space for creatives in Tari 1 at Nathan Homestead Pukepuke, Manurewa.

It is a place for creatives to thrive: providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, access to industry experts & more.

Check out southspace.co.nz to find out more & to hear about how we got here, read on!

Where did this idea spring to life?

The idea behind South Space was originally formed over a latte at The Alexander Cafe. The crew renting the upstairs area of the cafe were moving out, and the question arose: 

"What are you going to do with that space now?"

Before long the dream of creating a little coworking environment had a plan set in motion! Plans were drawn & furniture was purchased. Walls got demolished, then painted, and artwork was hung. It was all coming to fruition!

Until the day's got hotter... with a kitchen downstairs, and a tin roof - you can imagine just how hot it got up there! 

Pivot! Pivot!

This was one of the moments in business we like to call a "learning". Perhaps we hadn't quite done all the planning we should have before buying all that furniture. 

But could we change that? Should we give up on our dreams altogether? 

Hell no!

It was time now to, as Ross on F.R.I.E.N.D.S says, PIVOT!

One sunny morning, Claire walked down to Hill House Cafe at the Nathan Homestead and a lightbulb moment went off in her head. So after a couple of catch up's with the team at the Nathan, a new plan was set in place. 

Furniture was moved, and the business model for South Space changed. Plants were purchased, and before long it was time to open. 

You can now find us at Nathan Homestead Pukepuke!

Image: Auckland Art Gallery

The beautiful Nathan Homestead Pukepuke is an Auckland Council Heritage Building in Manurewa.

Surrounded by native plants, little bush walks and with amenities such as a tennis court and playground on site, it is a family friendly building, purposed for serving the community.

The bustling Hill House Cafe, which is the latest addition to the Homestead, has brought a whole new atmosphere to the space. Famous for the "Best Cinnabuns in Auckland", the cabinet food, coffee and menu is absolutely to die for!

Every season there are a new flurry of arts and creative classes and events on at the Nathan Homestead, so South Space fits in perfectly.

There is a definitive need for a Free Coworking Space in South Auckland.

From experience, we have found coworking to be an integral part to business success. The networking that is on offer and the ability to "pick the brains" of your "coworkers" is very helpful for those starting on their business journey. 

For people starting out in their business, the home office is the most affordable place to start! It costs nothing, and you can get the job done. However, sometimes you just need that extra motivation - and after a while may find that you aren't getting your business out there enough.

Why should you have to pay to be part of a networking circle? Or pay to go to an office if just for a couple of hours? Permanent coworking spaces that are affordable (like GRIDMNK) work really well for those that want an every day office, but for those that are wanting something a little more casual - South Space is perfect!

Supporting Creatives:

South Space isn't JUST a coworking space. It is a place that will provide opportunities for collaboration and networking, access to industry experts, and more.

We will be starting a FREE monthly networking event for creatives (whether you use South Space or not) to get to know each other, and open doors for potential collaborations and job opportunities. 

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for our monthly Creative Chats with South Auckland Creatives, in collaboration with the Nathan Homestead. Where industry experts will share their stories, their knowledge and give some insights on how they have got to where they are today. 

The Deets:

South Space is located upstairs in The Nathan Homestead Pukepuke in Tari 1.

It is a booking system and you can book either a morning session, afternoon session (or both if you plan on coming for a full day).

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 430pm - with booking times below:
Morning Session: 9am-12.30pm
Afternoon Session: 12.30pm-4.30pm
Full Day: 9am-4.30pm

It is FREE to book. If you cannot make your booking, cancellation is required to open space up to others.

Bring your own laptop. Plug in, connect to the free internet, and go!

Meeting rooms are available to book, however are not free to book. This booking system is managed via Auckland Council. 

How to book:

Book a space at South Space via southspace.co.nz

Book a meeting room (at a cost) via Auckland Council website


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