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The Newest Wedding Venue in Ramarama: Te Piringa Gardens!

Planning a wedding in the past two years has probably been a brides biggest nightmare. You mix a bowl with uncertainty, business closures, money down the drain and a sprinkle of Covid and it seems to be a recipe for disaster when planning any event. 

But never fear, the newest wedding venue in Ramarama is here! And if the wedding planning goes as smoothly as working with these guys on their branding and marketing, it is sure to be an absolute breeze. 

Morgan and Francis are the dream team. They understand that SO many people’s weddings and events have been affected in the last couple of years and know the stresses that it has caused. They’ve got a beautiful property and want to share it with the world. Especially those that really want to get married, but have had trouble with venues.

The Name

The name for the venue is Te Piringa, Translating to the coming together of people and cultures. It can also be described as connection, relationship, link, shelter, haven or refuge.

The Logo

The Logo

We were given a mood board of what Morgan and Frances were envisioning and loved the free hand look of a drawing for them. They wanted nature to be incorporated and having the kingfisher was a non-negotiable, as that is a resident bird on the property and feel a big connection with it. 

The Website & Social Media Presence

Because they are transforming the farm land into a wedding venue, we wanted a rustic, classy, nature orientated vibe to come through all the branding. There is a beautiful old style villa on the property and the feel of this needed to be shown. As they are a new business, we have been working with limited imagery (which for many website designers can be daunting) but because Morgan and Francis know what they want and have been able to accurately translate their vision to us we have been able to create a beautiful presence for them that will continue to flourish.

We are absolutely loving working alongside these guys and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for them. If you’re stuck on a wedding venue, or have been screwed over by the storm that’s been going on in the last couple of  years - This is your venue, and these are your people. 

Even if you yourself aren’t looking for a wedding or event venue, give them a follow or a like on their social media and support small businesses. Or contact them via their website… it’s pretty great ;)


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