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Learn to Let Go — Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Isn't a Bad Thing.

Smart business leaders know when it’s time to replace their time with someone else’s!

Learning to let go & put trust in other people can be hard. Giving someone else the opportunity to do something that you know you can do is something we all need to do more of - especially to advance your companies growth. 

Working in the marketing, advertising & design industry we've heard it all too many times,
"Why would I pay you to do that, when I can do that myself?".

Which can be said about anything! We don’t doubt it at all, that you could do what we do. Anyone can learn anything… if they have time. 

A common misconception about marketing and advertising is the TIME. Many business owners don’t really know how much time and strategy goes into planning a great marketing campaign, or coming up with brand guidelines or strategies for expanding your business. It’s hours and hours of work, research & trial and error. Not to mention making sure the core values of the business are felt throughout the entire process and not lost along the way. 
Learning to outsource in business and put trust in other people is a massive brick wall for some business owners and managers. Well… it’s time, get that chisel out and smash down that wall! 

Smart business leaders know when it’s time to replace their time with someone else’s, to help advance company growth.

Let go of your finite way of thinking and the need for certainty…

In our eyes, being a leader is fluid, not fixed! Special shout out to Brené Brown and her podcast with Simon Sinek which delved into finite and infinite thinking. 

A finite game is one like rugby, or a board game. The players are known, the rules are set and there is a clear finish. There is an obvious winner and loser. 

Business and life, on the other hand, are infinite games - players come and go, the rules change and there is no defined endpoint.
Not only did this podcast open our minds to this way of thinking, it also helped us to understand a lot about business. Business isn’t guaranteed, as industries change, so do the people in them. Business leaders should switch their mindset in the direction of a more infinite way of thinking and become a bit more fluid and adaptable.

It may be as simple as giving an employee the responsibility of something you do, to free up some of your time. It may be reaching out to use a marketing agency like The Renew Room to design your branding, create your website, or come up with an epic marketing strategy.  

Because even though you think you might be capable of doing it… you just might not have the time! Plus, working with professionals brings a level of expertise you can’t learn overnight. 

Who knows.. maybe learning to part ways and offloading some of the responsibility is exactly what you need to be a faster growing company?

Let go of the idea that you need all the credit for everything...

...and let go of the idea that you always need to be right. Another thing that humans are wired to do, is always see the good in themselves. But, you do not always need the credit people… let that ego go!

What you can take the credit for is realising that you don’t actually have the capacity to get it done at the level you desire (even though you think you may be able to do it all).

You can also take the credit for owning or running a successful business... because you understand and see the value in putting your trust in professionals to get the work done and delivered to your standards. 

You don’t need validation from other people to know you are doing well. Your business, or project will speak for itself. 

At the end of the day, having a successful organisation and a successful happy, team should mean more than Kev down the road giving you a pat on the back saying: "Well done, how do you do it all?!"

Some of these points might ring true to you, they may even hit a nerve because you need to work on these things. 

Or maybe this has just brought a face to your mind of someone you know that could learn to let go (feel free to send them this blog to them for a light read!) 

+ Figure out your strengths and weaknesses
+ Let go of your need for certainty and the idea that you are always right.
+ Please, for us, try to maintain an infinite way of thinking!
+ Oh, and read The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek!
Either way, the moral of the story here is learn to put your trust in other people and outsource where you can! Otherwise you are going to run yourself into an early grave - and we don’t want that. We want to expand your business, not your grey hair growth rate!

Have you bitten of more than you can chew?

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