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Helping the community help you - one website at a time!

Having worked alongside the team behind Empire Training Box in previous projects before & fully aligning with the values that they hold themselves to - it was a no brainer when we were asked to work with them on their website design! 

Websites these days are one of the most important digital tools that a business can have, and Empire is one of our favourite gyms (yes, a couple of us have been members here!) We knew how important having a website was going to be for the future of the Empire

Helping people in the heart of the Otara community!

Nestled behind our favourite cafe in South Auckland (The Alexander), Empire Training Box is an incredible gym in the heart of Otara. Recently winning the second fittest gym in all of Aotearoa, this small box is not just a community, they’re an aiga (family).

When working on this website, we wanted to bring community & whānau into it, while still maintaining a professional feel. With the use of bold brand colours & amazing imagery we were able to achieve this. We love what Empire stands for, making this one of our favourite websites that we’ve worked on to date. 

Real life imagery is important!

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. Good imagery is needed for a great website. You can have all the bells & whistles of design, backend SEO, but if the imagery isn’t up to scratch - your website will lack in character, resulting in high bounce rates or lower conversion rates!

When creating a website for a gym, it was important for us to showcase the authenticity of actually being on the gym floor. Empire lives and breathes community vibes. We needed to show the faces that are seen daily, hustling hard, so that when someone views their website, they get a real understanding of what it’s actually like to train there. 


Something that also integrates really nicely with a website (especially a service based business like a gym, or something that offers classes) is having a booking system online. 

Empire uses the Zen Planner app to manage members, classes & bookings. This means that people can “book their free trial” directly in the Zen Planner app - making it a seamless experience. 
With the timetable page, we embedded the timetable from the Zen Planner app. When classes are cancelled, rescheduled or changed, the team only needs to focus on updating their Zen planner app, and the changes will be made automatically. The code also allows for people to click on a class and book right there on the website - another tick for UX (User Experience) - both for the client and the customer. 

Colours & Style!

We didn’t want to stray too far away from the main brand colours of black, red & white. This colour combo is bold, simple and keeps it punchy - and this is exactly how a gym needs to be showcased.

No mess, no fluff, just straight to the point. We are certain that once someone steps into the physical gym, they will be sold, but the website helps them get that one step closer. 
If you want to go and check out their website - take a look here & if you’re based in South Auckland and looking for a kickass space to train - book yourself a trial to see what all the fuss is about. 
Be warned though - you won’t want to leave!!


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