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Why Paying it Forward Pays Off!

The Pay it forward expression is used for describing the idea of giving without the expectation of receiving. It's more about the good deed being repaid by the receiver to others, not the original benefactor. 

The concept is old, and was generally used in people's personal lives. However, nowadays, businesses have caught on with the movement! With the help of GoGenerosity, who are all about paying it forward, we can all do our bit to help make the world a little bit brighter. 
We aren’t here to try to convince you to try pay-it-forward because we think it’s important. It is scientifically proven to help in more ways than one.
We want to shed some light on these things, to hopefully open your mind a little bit - and if you’re a business owner, perhaps look at a way where you can pay-it-forward where you can. 

1. A Bigger Purpose

Specifically when working with charities and nonprofits, providing services at a koha rate - or being able to offer your services sustainably through GoGenerosity - you're able to support causes you're passionate about. It's about aligning with your overall purpose.

2. The Feel Good Factor

It's a fact that doing good things makes you feel good - because you're making someone else's life greater! You practise credibility and accountability by considering others' needs. This carries over into everything you do. 

It's also scientifically proven to boost dopamine - people who give back are happier people! And why wouldn’t you want to be happier?

3. It allows you to walk the talk (and lead!)

It’s easy to say “I do the right thing!” or “I always mean well”, but paying it forward is not just a thought or an idea… it’s a full blown action. Actually doing it, is a step in the right direction and is proof that you don’t just talk about doing things, you lead by example and are making a difference.

Some people might not want to share that they are helping others, and that’s okay! However, when you do share it you may inspire others to do the same thing. 

4. Teaches you gratitude

Studies have shown that there is new research to link paying it forward and feelings of gratitude. A grateful mind is a happy one. Everyone's level of success can be measured differently, but feelings of being thankful are usually right up there with what most people are trying to achieve (subconsciously or consciously).  

Expressing gratitude and being thankful can actually strengthen your relationships and by putting this in your daily life, you are more likely to keep personal happiness constant. 

5. It's good for your health

It’s also proven that the act of ‘giving’ is associated with lower blood pressure, higher self-esteem, less depression, and lower stress levels.

So what are you waiting for? Go release those happy hormones and start paying-it-forward! 
Don’t know where to start? Have a look at GoGenerosity and see for yourself how easy it really is to give back.


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