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+ Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa | Te Tumu Matehuka o Aotearoa

This project has been an amazing experience for us. Since 2021, we have worked with the team, and in that time have completed a full brand makeover, including full brand guidelines, a visual identity, updated colours, fresh new collateral and a beautiful, clean website.

+ website design

One thing we do here at The Renew Room is give away one free website a year to a charitable trust.

Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa was the selection for 2022. We were able to design their entire website free of charge, and our mates at Rocketspark host this site free of charge.

Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa had an existing website hosted on Google, which did the job, but was really quite basic. The re-design brought the new branding to life. It is clean, professional, and does it job to both educate the people in the community, and be a great "storefront" for funding applications.

+ Visual Branding Identity

Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa is not a new organisation. They have been serving the community for over 20 years, and in that time have gained great brand reputation. When rebranding, we kept the original koru design - only sharpening it a little - and the original red pattern. However, we moved to a new navy & teal main colour combo which is displayed here.

The collateral still keeps the brand recognition built over the years, but adds a new layer of professionalism and cleanliness.

"Just a quick one to say that we had a board meeting last night and saw how the new look and feel is starting to come across various bits of comms.

There was a consensus that it's all looking fantastic. Super smart and professional and generally looking great.

Just wanted to let you know.

Really excited to see where the website gets to. Thanks for all your effort."

- Henry Kozak, Board Member

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