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+ EzyEat

The Kaupapa:
Support families in need to choose healthy eating.

How to achieve it:
By offering healthy, prepped meals for only $2 a meal.

Our involvement:
Naming, Branding, Social Media Templates & Website Design

This project was very close to our hearts at The Renew Room. It is a $2 meal prep service for community service card holders, provided by Otara Health Charitable Trust & The Alexander Cafe.

The Branding brief needed to be bold, fun and reach a wide target market - of all genders, ages and ethnicities. We went with primary colours, and included icons that related to food - as this is what the service is all about.

+ patterns and pops of colour

Throughout the branding, across the website, social media and the packaging, we included pops of colour and a fun pattern. 

It is bold, creative and bright, which we think are defining attributes of our communities here in South Auckland that this meal prep initiative is servicing. 

We didn't want this branding to seem clinical, or like a handout. We wanted it to feel empowering to the person ordering. The use of primary colours, supported by a bold black and white logo, has made EzyEat look urban, fresh and (dare we say it) kind of cool!

+ website

We wanted to make the process for ordering the meals for the community as easy and straightforward as possible. On arrival of the homepage - within one scroll, you will see three main buttons:

  1. I'm new here and want to order meals 

  2. I'm already a member and want to order meals

  3. Pay it forward - help others in our community

First and foremost, we welcome new members, and send them on a customer journey to sign up via a jotform, which redirects them to a login page. 

Once they have set up their username and password, within 24 hours they get access to order meals. It is a member only portal. 

Those that have already signed up, will be redirected to login to their account to order meals. 

Those that do not wish to order meals, but simply help out, can pay it forward and gift a free meal to a family in need, or fill in a contact form and message the team if they have capacity to help out in a different way. 

Both the front customer facing website, and the back end members only websites, have been fully sponsored by our generous friends at Rocketspark - meaning this charity has one less bill to pay - and can then serve more people in our community.

+ want to be friends?

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