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+ 2023 - the year your brand levels up!

Do you really have a “BRAND” or just a logo?

No hate over here! Most small businesses need just the basics to get started - and that usually includes some sort of logo. 

How long have you had “just a logo” for your business though? 

Is it time to upgrade to a full visual branding document? Not sure what that entails? Read on! gain trust through consistency. 

Why is it important?

When you are sharing anything visual - whether it is on social media, in an email, in a presentation, in a funding application, on your website, or even in person at events - you want your brand to be remembered.

If you have consistent visual branding at all touch points, people will remember you and recognise your brand the next time they see it, increasing brand recognition, awareness and trust!

Our Visual Branding document includes...

+ Patterns + Typography (Fonts) + Colour Palette
+ Email Signature + Business Card
+ add on specific collateral to suit your business!

What can I add on?

It depends on what business you are in! Some examples of visual branding documents you can add on to your package include:

+ Social Media Template + Email Template + Presentation Template
+ Letterhead + A5 Flyer Template + A3 Poster Template + Thank You Cards


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