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+ the taphouse group

sales funnel by the renew room

The Taphouse Group is a group of hospitality businesses in the East Auckland region. You've probably heard of them, and if you haven't, then you're missing out! It was exciting to work with them to create & run a sales funnel to promote their venues:

Grangers Taphouse & Kitchen, Half Moon Bay
Marina Cantina, Half Moon Bay
The Franklin Taphouse & Kitchen, Beachlands

+ the ads

The sales strategy for both Marina Cantina & The Franklin was to get people in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel to move into the conversion stage. 

We wanted to achieve this by capturing their attention with an ad and then moving them onto a lead form to get them to download a free function pack. 

Our eye catching ads encouraged a click that lead to a form to be filled out. Once they had filled out the form, we were then able to secure their email address and move them into our email database, but we were also given more information about what venue they wanted to book. Making conversions that much easier. 

+ the lead form

Lead forms are extremely important for lead generation because they are the final stop before the conversion or the goal. In this case, capturing information so they can be sent a function pack & then be contacted. Don't be mistaken; the entire landing page experience is also very important.

In our case, we promised they would get a downloadable version of the function pack - so we made sure that's what they got. 

Why lead forms are important:

  • They increase conversion rates.
  • They collect higher-quality leads, and
  • The also ultimately close more sales in the process.

The Questions:

The questions that are in your form are likely to change, depending on the type of the product or service you want to advertise. Choosing the right questions will help better qualify your leads and reach your business goals. 

In this case, we wanted to make sure we had a contact email or number, what date they want the event, and also for how many people. This meant that when contacting the potential customer, the client wasn't going in blind - they could prepare costings & information making for an easier conversion. 

+ the function packs

The purpose of the function pack is to give the person interested in booking a venue, information ahead of the conversion phase. 

This allows most of the answers to be already with the potential customer before they are followed up. Meaning less questions & a quicker conversion process. 

Each day we also provided reports with all campaign data and new subscribers. This allowed all new contacts to be able to be followed up. 

+ want your own sales funnel?

This is one of our core offerings on the marketing side here at The Renew Room. We'd love to discuss your business goals and how automations can help smooth out your customer journey. 

Interested? Either fill in our contact form, or email Claire direct.

+ want to be friends?

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