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+ rocketspark website of the month finalist - April

+ website design

+ Nigel is a photographer and videographer. Having worked with him before on previous projects - it was awesome he decided to work with The Renew Room to build a website. We thought it was super important that  he had a website  that could really show off his talent and put all of his incredible work in one place. 

Like us, Nigel doesn't just do one thing... he does it all! We knew how important having a website for EMedia would be for him (like any business) & we wanted to create him a fun, yet professional website to attract his customer. 

+ theme & style

+ creating a website for a photographer is any designers dream... because they have all of the imagery already. One of most important parts to ANY website is the imagery. Without good imagery, you are never going to sell your product or service to its best potential. 

We wanted to stick on brand to EMedia and create a relaxed, but professional vibe - while still being very eye catching. Nigel himself is very relaxed and easy-going and we wanted this to come through in the flow of the website. Yet, his imagery is eye-catching and vibrant. we wanted to combine the two and make it seem effortless and seamless.  With the choice of colours, use off patterns and creating a seamless flow throughout the website - it gives off the relaxed vibes but also allows room for the amazing imagery to really POP. 

+ finalist for website of the month

+ We were so excited to be nominated by Rocketspark for website of the month on this design for EMedia. 

There are many components that come into play when being nominated for one of these awards. 

- Design & Layout- User Experience- Content & SEO - Having the 'wow!' factor

When designing & building a website, it isn't just about what you see. There are also many key components that go on in the backend, that quite often get overlooked. When you work with The Renew Room, not only do we create an effective website that is pleasing to the eye, we also make sure that everything in the backend is functioning as it is supposed to. 

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