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+ pacific fusion fashion show

website design by the renew room

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show has one main purpose: "To build the confidence of Māori and Pasifika designers to step into the fashion industry and entrepreneurship with style."

The kaupapa behind this show aligns completely with our values here at The Renew Room. Nora Swann's vision and management combined with Sammy Salsas concept & ideas, this project was nothing short of amazing. 

+ Theme

This year's theme was WOVEN: Interlacing culture, through fashion in our community. 

With our team based in South Auckland and being a Māori owned business, The Renew Room was excited to work on the website design and bring our take onto the theme. 

We used rips & tears in our imagery to symbolise the interlacing and weaving. This effect also added an edgy fashion element that can be felt through the whole website. 

+ Vision & Style

When we caught up with Nora, we got the intel on the top secret location the show was set to be held at. The team were in talks with council and AT to shut down St. George Street in Papatoetoe, a main road here in South Auckland. 

The imagery was taken at different shop fronts and across the road of St. George Street, so when it came to building the website, we wanted to keep the urban feel throughout. As it was a fashion website, however, we also needed it to look stylish & showstopping - which is where the colour blocks and bold text comes in.

To give a "runway" feel, we added movement through the website in form of GIFs. This gives off that feel of flash photography at the end of the runway. Having movement on the page not only heightens the users experience, it also adds that bit of 'WOW' factor that a fashion show like Pacific Fusion needs! 

+ A dedicated team & overcoming adversity

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show is led by Nora Swann, an incredible fashion entrepreneur, and visionary when it comes to Pasifika Fashion. But, nothing is achieved without a dedicated team. The team behind Pacific Fusion Fashion Show have been with Nora from the beginning. The addition of Sammy Salsa, a highly sought after fashion editorial stylist, added just another level to this years event. 

While the pandemic threw the team a few curveballs, they overcame adversity, and pushed through two date changes, and held the event originally planned for December 4th, 2021 on May 28th, 2022. 

What a great event it was - with press seen in: ReNews, Viva, The Spinoff, Pasfika TV & many more. If this kaupapa aligns with you, and you're looking to partner with the team for the next one - get in touch with the team today.

"I highly recommend The Renew Room"
- Nora Swann

“Very happy with the service provided by The Renew Room. They were recommended by a colleague, so I was open to tee-ing up a meeting. One thing about these ladies is that they are filled with energy, creativity and are very bubbly!

The delivery of the service my team received was excellent. They explained in detail what was going to happen during the process and made sure we had a good understanding of what was needed from our end to get things done.

I highly recommend The Renew Room. All the best ladies, we would definitely work with you again.”

Nora Swann - Creative Entrepreneur

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