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+ the money men

branding & website design by the renew room

Meet the Money Men: great financial advice from great people. Their mission is to help kiwis be better with money and improve the financial literacy of all New Zealanders.

The key to this branding was showcasing that they are a financial advice firm - without it being too traditional. Their entire aim was to talk in a language that all of us can understand. 

+ Great financial advice from great people

+ branding

After coming up with a logo, colours & typography for The Money Men, we set them up with comprehensive brand guidelines. This was to ensure that they could implement the right branding across social media themselves. It also benefits them in the way, that anytime they need to use an external source , they have a guide to send off so everyone is on the same page. 

+ tone of voice & colours

Money Men are genuine and authentic in their approach. Their team are friendly, real, honest, humorous & actually give a sh*t! We wanted all of this to come across in all of their branding. Their tone of voice is:

  • Conversational & Friendly
  • Passionate & Professional
  • Experts in Their field
  • Informative yet fun

This colour palette has been selected to create a fun but professional atmosphere. It also is accompanied with white to keep it light, fresh & modern. You'll see that along with the Primary Colours of Green & Blue, there are pops of secondary colours throughout. These secondary colours are to make the brand pop and also can be changed and updated depending on strategy trends and marketing goals.

+ website design

Because we worked on the branding, we had a lot of ease creating the aesthetic for this website. When you have brand guidelines to follow, it makes colour choices quicker and the whole process a breeze.

With the financial industry being new to us, we made sure that we were up to date with industry jargon, and kept communication open along the way to ensure that we were on the right track.

This was a full collaboration project between The Renew Room & the client with meetings, phone calls and honest communication at every point. 

"We went through the full process with the ladies from Renew room. From a brand discovery session to website design and application - it was a fantastic experience." - Kale

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