TUPU: Free wāhine business course starts end of April. Apply now.

by the renew room

+ Calling all wāhine looking to get started in business

We've designed our new fully funded short course to help you start, grow and gain the tools you need to be successful in business.
Cohort one has come to a close and we are now opening applications for our second cohort.

Limited spaces available. Apply today. 

This course can happen thanks to the generosity of our funding partners.

+ what is tupu?

Tupu means growth & development; to grow.

This short course has been designed to help you grow - personally and in business - and to develop your skills required to be successful post graduation. 

+ The Why

If we want our tamariki and mokopuna to know they too can be business owners, we need to model it for them and show them it is possible. 

We started The Renew Room to help people that wanted to work for themselves, and grow their own income. As wāhine and Māori, we are also very passionate about seeing and supporting our Māori & Pasifika wāhine sisters live out their dreams.

So, we sought funding to help support you learn how to start, grow and be successful in business, completely free. 

+ what will you learn?

Tupu will take place kanohi ki te kanohi (in person) in Manurewa over 8 weeks. 

Every week we will meet for 2 hours around a new topic, and we will also have some work to complete outside of in person hours.

The breakdown:

Week 1: Mindset around owning a business
Week 2: The Processes: Business plans, SWOT analysis & more
Week 3: The Nitty Gritty: Registering, domains, accounting & more
Week 4: The Importance of Branding
Week 5: Marketing: Organic & Paid Social Media
Week 6: Email Marketing
Week 7 and 8: Website Design

We’ll begin the 8 weeks with a whakawhanaungatanga session and end it with a graduation where you can share your business plan, your new logo and your website with your whānau and friends.

+ what to expect

+ what you'll gain

A like-minded group of wāhine to learn alongside

Inspirational talks from some guest speakers

A professional logo & brand for your business

A well designed website & no payments for 12 months

The knowledge to set your business up for success

An online community of wāhine to continue to learn from

+ who is it for?

Due to being fully funded, we encourage South Auckland based wahine Māori to apply. We also encourage wahine of Pasifika descent and other female applicants who may not be Māori but work closely with Māori communities, or have a business that positively impacts Māori communities. 

Whether you've been in business a little while but want to learn more about growing it, this is the first step in business ownership for you, or you have a side hustle you want to move into full time - this is for you.

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible, please just get in touch with us at:

+ your commitment

Aside from time and date commitments (outlined below), the biggest commitment we ask of you is to:

Come open to learn and with a growth mindset; ready to absorb all the information taught, and take it all in.

Cohort 2 begins end of April and runs for 8 weeks through to mid-June.

The course has an online component, but requires kanohi-ki-te-kanohi (in person) sessions once a week for 2 hours in Manurewa. 

+ apply now

Limited spaces are available.
Cohort 2 will be in session for 8 weeks between end of April and mid June.  

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