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Marketing without data, is like driving with your eyes closed.

+ You "think" you know your target - but without real research - you're going off hypotheticals!

At The Renew Room we work with you to get real and relevant insights to help make decisions for your business.

Our research capabilities include running surveys to understand how your product or service will take in the current market, doing deep dive competitor analysis, and using data to find out more about who your target market is. 

Have you already got a business? 

That works too! We can see where any leaks in your sales funnel are and make suggestions on how you can improve your brand recognition, get more leads through marketing channels, and have a higher conversion rate on the other end.

Is all this data really that important?

Look... if you're spending money in marketing & advertising - it's all going down the drain if you're not collecting data. 

And if you are collecting data, but don't know how to read or analyze it, you're just as guilty!

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a website?
  2. Do you have Google Analytics connected to it?
  3. Have you got conversions & events set up with Analytics?
  4. Have you got a Business Manager Account with Facebook?
  5. Do you have a Facebook Pixel?
  6. Are events and conversions set up?
  7. Are you spending money on Google Ads? Facebook Ads? Any sort of advertising?
  8. Are you analyzing results after each campaign? Seeing what worked and what didn't?

At the end of the day, if you have said no to any of the above, you need us.

+ To reach more people in your target market, and spend money wiser (not just willy nilly), let us look at everything from a marketers point of view, and get everything working better for you.

+ want to be friends?

Whether you're looking to re-fresh your existing business, or start a new one (or just think we're rad), fill in our contact form today. Or just simply flick us an email: hello@therenewroom.co.nz


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